Once again about taxes: tax workshop of the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine was held in Kyiv

Experts of EUCON Legal Group actively share their experience and practical knowledge in taxation. Thus, on October 23, workshop for taxpayers – members of the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine – took place in Kyiv for the fourth time. The Event was organized jointly with the specialists of the Directorate of the State Tax Service in Kyiv and partners of the TAU. For example, Larysa Vrublevska, Partner, Head of Transfer Pricing Practice of EUCON Legal Group, became one of the speakers.

The Expert told the audience the nuances of Transfer Pricing documentation maintenance, focusing on the problematic aspects and details within the given topic. Ms. Larysa also told about documentation preparation and quality criteria issues.


Thus, Larysa Vrublevska during the speech highlighted the features of transfer pricing documentation, structure, documentation analysis and its algorithm, choice of pricing method and justification for method selection. In addition, the speaker discussed in more detail the segmentation of the financial statements, documenting the strategy of finding comparable persons, and documenting procedures for the selection of comparable persons.

The Event was also attended by: Lyudmyla Gerasymenko – Director General of TAU; Anatolii Korol – Head of the Department for Control over the Circulation of Excisable Goods and Administration of the Excise Tax of the Main Directorate of the State Customs Service in Kyiv; Sergiy Rogozny – Head of the Financial and Budget Committee of the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine; Kateryna Hryvnak – Head of the Taxpayer Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights of the All-Ukrainian public organization.