A danger foreseen is half avoided: the latest news in the field of taxes to payers was told at a seminar of the TAU

On September 25, at the conference hall “Eleven room”, a seminar was organized by the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine, during which experienced experts, including Larysa Vrublevska, the expert of EUCON Law Group, told the audience about the preparation for a new reporting campaign, the actual issues of VAT, peculiarities of the application of the simplified taxation system for legal entities, recent changes in land lease and taxation laws, risks in the tax area, etc.

Thus, Larysa Vrublevska, the partner, the head of the transfer pricing practice, shared with the audience information on “Preparing for the TP Reporting Campaign”. Particularly, the speaker recalled that the report consists of three documents: the report on controlled transactions, the tax return on corporate profit tax (in addition to the TP) and documentation on TP. Ms. Vrublevska also described the controlled transactions, their contents, the main information and their list, as well as the cost criterion and peculiarities of its calculation, the mechanism for making corrections to the CT report and to the income tax return.

The seminar was also attended by speakers, namely: Sergiy Tymoshenko – the Head of the Department of Methodology of Indirect Taxes of the Department of Methodological and Rulemaking of SFS of Ukraine; Victoria Popova – Deputy Head of the Department of Methodological Support of Tax Administration, Methodological Support of Tax Administration of the Department of Taxes and Fees on Legal Entities of SFS of Ukraine; Iryna Bilotyl – the Head of the Methodology and Explaining Tax Law of the TAU and others.