Without borders, minutes of the meeting and honestly: an informal meeting of representatives of Ukrainian and Polish business with the President of Ukraine took place in Warsaw

On August 31, 2019, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, the President of Ukraine made his first official visit to the Republic of Poland.


Attorneys-at-law of the EUCON Legal Group are protecting the interests of German investors in the case of raider seizure of the Company

On July 11,a press conference on the seizure of the Company of five German investors by Ukrainian raiders with the help of corrupt officials was held in the press center of the “Interfax-Ukraine”information agency.


Yaroslav Romanchuk, Managing Partner of the EUCON Legal Group, received another recognition in the field of taxation.

Fairmont Grand Hotel today hosted the 2019 Legal Awards finalists ceremony (Legal Awards 2019).


The results of the year in the field of TP were summarized by the participants of the jubilee V forum “Transfer pricing and tax planning 2019”

The last spring day was marked by the fruitful work of the jubilee V International Forum “Transfer pricing and tax planning 2019”, which was held on May 31 in Kyiv. 


The jubilee X International Forum “Days of Ukrainian Business in Poland” was held in Warsaw – let’s summarize results!

More than 20 speakers addressed businessmen, young entrepreneurs, civil servants, public figures from Ukraine and Poland, who once again got together to discuss partnership issues between two neighboring countries.


A series of workshops on TP from EUCON Legal Group continues

The EUCON Legal Group in 2019 initiated a series of events dedicated to the application of laws in the field of TP. The lack of practice and experience in the field of transfer pricing in Ukraine, as well as the complexity of laws in the field of TP and its variability, indicate the need for […]


The Course for West: Experts from the Warsaw Office of the EUCON Legal Group within the Legal High School told about the details of the business operation mechanism in Poland

The logical continuation of the IX International Forum “Days of Polish Business in Ukraine” was the strategic session “Doing Business in Poland” organized by the Legal High School in cooperation with the EUCON Legal Group.


It’s time to summarize after fruitful work of the IX International Forum “Days of Polish Business in Ukraine”!

Thus, more than 150 businessmen, young entrepreneurs, civil servants, specialists in various spheres, public figures and cultural figures of Ukraine and Poland became participants of the Event; they were listening to 20 speakers.


PHOTO REPORT AND POST-EVENT PRESS RELEASE of the Forum "Transfer pricing and international tax planning - 2018"

For the fourth time, the EUCON International Legal Center, together with its partners, the International Audit Union and the Transfer Pricing School, held the International Forum “Transfer pricing and international tax planning – 2018″. The Forum was held on May 23, 2018 in Kyiv.


EUCON – the legal company of the Year in transfer pricing

As a result of the Legal Awards 2018, EUCON International Legal Center won the nomination “Law firm of the Year in Transfer pricing“.