Managing Partner of the EUCON Legal Group joined the 7th Accounting Agroforum in Truskavets

On March 22-26, the 7th Accounting Agroforumtook place in Truskavets, where Yaroslav Romanchuk,the managing partner of the EUCON Legal Group and the president of the Association of Ukrainian Business in Poland, participated in. During the Forum urgent problems and changes in lawsof 2019, development of ways to solve current problems, changes in existing ones and the creation of new state normative acts in the agricultural sectorwere discussed.

Yaroslav Romanchuk, during the speech on “Prospects for Ukrainian agricultural producers in the Polish and EU markets, ways to attract foreign investment into Ukrainian agribusiness” told about the prospects of Poland to become an alternative to offshore for corporate business structuring and tax planning. Thus, the speaker outlined the content of the BEPS plan and its overall structure, expectations, predictions and prospects for its implementation in Ukrainian law, particularly, on the minimum standard (implementation of the main 4 out of 15 steps), which Ukraine committed itself to implement within the framework of BEPS Plan.

The expert also identified the main implications of BEPSPlanfor Ukraine: the “end” of the offshore era, the era of banking secrecy, and the ability to open an account in “decent” jurisdiction, strengthening control over the reporting process. Mr. Romanchuk also identified main advantages of Poland as an alternative to offshore, namely, a convenient strategic location, an attractive labor market, favorable conditions for investment and a developed business environment. The speaker emphasized that Poland – the most successful beneficiary of funding from the EU funds in 2014-2020, indicated the main conditions for obtaining an investment loan in a Polish bank and brought arguments in favor of the attractiveness of the Polish market for foreign investors.

Leonid Kozachenko, President of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, representative of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations; ApolloPozov, President of All-Ukrainian Accounting Club; Svetlana Listrova, anexpert on labor remuneration and taxation, also participated in the Forum.