Price issue: land value after market launch has become a key topic of the Forum on “LIFE AFTER: Key Aspects of Land Market Launch in Ukraine”.

Politicians, experts and businessmen gathered in Kyiv on October 30 at the Forum on “LIFE AFTER: Key Aspects of Launching the Land Market in Ukraine” to discuss the details, pricing and financial and economic aspects of starting a land market in Ukraine. For example, Anatolii Miroshnychenko, the Head of Land and Agrarian Law Practice of the EUCON Legal Group, Council of Europe expert, participated in the Event.

Thus, the expert said that Ukraine is currently ignoring the ECtHR decision, which recognizes that the moratorium on land sales violates human rights. Anatolii Miroshnychenko emphasized that the abolition of the moratorium cannot be considered as fulfilling the ECtHR decision, but, particularly, restrictions on the sale or purchase of land also violate the rights to dispose of property. The expert noted that Ukraine’s desire to join the European Union is correlated with the desire to restrict free movement of capital, in particular the sale of land to foreigners, as this is one of the principles of the EU.

Mr Miroshnychenko emphasized that restricting the land market is harmful in any sense, since “white” investors can give way to others who are able to find ways to avoid all precautionary measures. Participants of the forum expressed their assumptions about the specific value of the land after the launch of the market, and also argued their opinion about, in fact, the creation of a land market in Ukraine. The Event was organized within the framework of the project “Advocacy for Land Reform and the Creation of a Free Land Market in Ukraine by Changing Public Opinion and Increasing Political Will”, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands’ Matra program.

The event was also attended by: Oleksiy Mushak – Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine for Economic Affairs; Alex Lissits – President of the Association “Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club”; Marian Zablotsky – Member of Parliament from “Servant of the People” faction; Yuliia Klimenko – Member of Parliament from the “Holos” faction and others.