Social project from EUCON on training of specialists in the field of land and agrarian law

On 20 December, EUCON Legal Group, represented by Yaroslav Romanchuk, the Managing Partner of the Company, and the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision, represented by Olexii Bonyuk, the Director, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation as part of its private-public partnership initiatives.

Legal aid will be provided by EUCON company pursuant to Pro Bono terms. The purpose of signing the Memorandum was to consolidate the efforts of the parties aimed at cooperation in order to enhance the legal capacity of local community citizens in the field of land relations, namely to increase the legal literacy of owners of land units. The EUCON project will be led by Anatolii Miroshnychenko, an attorney-at-law, head of land and agrarian law practice, partner, Doctor of Laws, Professor, who has a wealth of practical, scientific and teaching experience.

According to the signed document, social cooperation will be carried out in the directions of organization of training events for representatives of local self-government bodies, territorial associations through trainings, seminars, lectures and other activities, training of specialists of the Centre, who will provide free legal aid in the field of land law.

Thus, the project is social in nature, and the EUCON Legal Group, in the framework of cooperation, develops and will implement its own effective training methodology for more than 1000 CCALP specialists who will subsequently provide services to ordinary citizens – owners of land shares.

 The Coordination Centre for the provision of legal assistance was established in 2012 with the aim of creating an effective system of free legal aid in Ukraine, ensuring its accessibility and quality. The Centre reports directly to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.