Raids, fraud and other “evil spirits”: the second joint free webinar of the EUCON Legal Group and ProAgro Group took place

Frankly, it is impossible for any company to protect itself against raider attacks forever, however there are some ways to minimize the risk. So, what security measures need to be taken, what “homework” should be done to all farmers, what are the types and ways of fraud and raiding, how to minimize risks and financial losses, how to use a foreign element in corporate restructuring? All these issues and much more were covered by the lawyers of the EUCON Legal Group during the second free webinar for farmers on December 3 “How to protect your business from unscrupulous creditors, raiders and other “vermins”?”. This event took part under the partnership within the Grain Storage Forum “Elevator-2021” held by EUCON and ProAgro Group.

Yevgen Petrenko, attorney at law, partner, head of the Business Protection Practice took the floor and described the most familiar types of raider attacks and the effective instruments of procedures to counter them. The speaker paid special attention to the “homework” that must be performed by all farmers to minimize the risks of raider attacks. In particular, the expert stressed the importance of effective setting up of the proper security systems in enterprises and also he mentioned advisability of competent use of media in the process of protection against such attacks.

The next speaker was Volodymyr Bevza, attorney at law, advisor, deputy head of Tax Law Practice, who shared tips on minimizing financial losses caused by unmotivated inspections of tax authorities through the prism of the most common problems, including blocking the registration of tax invoices, requests from regulatory authorities etc.

Equally important is the topic of the concept and preventive measures against internal fraud, which was the subject of a speech made by Andrii Romanchuk, attorney at law, Head of EUCON office in Warsaw. Not only did he talked about the related theoretical aspects, but also shared very interesting statistics on the prevalence of fraud and economic crimes, the cost of damages and named the top 5 types of the most common crimes, including bribery and corruption, misappropriation of property, fraud in procurement, fraud in personnel management and cybercrime.

At the conclusion of the webinar there made his speech Yaroslav Romanchuk, attorney at law, EUCON Legal Group Managing Partner. The speaker explained the purpose for which the foreign element was previously used in corporate structuring and the consequences of BEPS. The expert highlight the following advantages of Ukrainian companies entering the Polish market: proximity to their consumers and suppliers; diversification of risks that exist in Ukraine; access to cheap EU and Polish resources; protection of assets in Ukraine from encroachment by third parties and raids.

Webinar video