At the legal crossroads: Members of the LHS Discussion Hub discussed about the issue of “what electoral law Ukraine needs”

Experts from the EUCON Legal Group continue to be actively involved in the educational process. Nowadays, within the special course “Legal support of election campaigns”, a regular LHS Discussion Hub on “What Election Law is needed for Ukraine” was held, the member of which is Yaroslav Romanchuk, the managing partner of the EUCON Legal Group.


Mr. Romanchuk, with his colleagues, analyzed the previous election campaigns, particularly, focusing on the most frequent recorded violations, discussing the issues of  legal support for the elections, including the issue of evidence, timeframes, etc., as well as the advantages and disadvantages of existing draft laws on improving electoral processes. Participants of the LHS Discussion Hub during the discussion tried to find an answer to the question of the possibility of protecting Ukraine from external interference in the election. Furthermore, experts were looking for reasons for preventing the creation of an ideal legal regulation and discussed forecasts about the prospects for solving this problem.

The following participants also took part in the discussion: Ruslan Sydorovich – People’s Deputy of Ukraine, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy and Justice; Oleksiy Kornilov  –  a certified trainer for members of district / polling station election commissions; Sergiy Sachenko – chief editor of the site, director of IT projects of the publishing house “Yuridicheskaya praktika”; Olga Kotsyuruba – advisor on legal issues of the Public Network “OPORA”; Bohdan Bondarenko – an expert on electoral law, a lawyer of the Luhansk branch of the Committee of voters of Ukraine, a trainer on the training of election commissions.