EUCON team conducted an online webinar “How will the tax on withdrawn capital in Poland affect Ukrainian business?”

Since January 01, 2021 there will be implemented the distributed profit tax in Poland, also known as Estonian СІТ.

During the regular online webinar of EUCON and E-REPORT on December 18, 2020 the EUCON experts answered the questions:

What was the purpose of the Polish government in implementing the new tax rules?

Will these changes benefit the economy?

What is the use and advantage for the companies registered in Poland from the Estonian СІТ?

Who of the entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of the new tax rules?

How will the new tax regime affect the tax and accounting of Polish companies?

How can Ukrainian business benefit from this innovation and what are the benefits?

Speakers: Yaroslav Romanchuk (Kyiv), attorney at law, EUCON Legal Group Managing Partner, Inha Livandovska (Warsaw) senior lawyer, EUCON tax consultant, Artur Szewczyk (Warsaw), E-REPORT Chairman of the Board of the Accounting Bureau.

You are welcome to watch the webinar.


00:00 – greetings from the moderator and presentation of speakers

04:30 – Yaroslav Romanchuk: the content of the distributed profit tax in Poland (“Estonian SIT”); stages of its implementation; benefits for business and economy; who can benefit from the tax

15:57 – Inha Livandovska: compliance criteria for the limited liability companies and joint stock companies to be met;

31:00 – Artur Szewczyk: general principles of Estonian СІТ; tax rates and deductions from individuals’ income tax; effective tax rate

40:57 – answers to questions

51:52 – farewell to the participants