Chronicles of relocation: EUCON experts told about the peculiarities of relocating business to Poland

In view of the political, economic and social climate in the world the issue of relocation of start-ups remains at the top of the most pressing in recent months. Therefore, experts from Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania gladly shared their experience and professional life hacks on the implementation of effective, successful and efficient business relocation within the Panel Discussion “Relocation of Start-Ups to European Countries” which took place on October 21. Among others Yaroslav Romanchuk, attorney at law, EUCON Legal Group Managing Partner and Andrii Romanchuk, attorney at law, Head of EUCON office in Poland took the floor.

In his speech Yaroslav Romanchuk focused on labour and migration issues of starting a business in Poland. The speaker discussed in detail the issue of legalization of stay in Poland, stressing the importance of compliance with all requirements for the collection of necessary documentation. Thus, according to the expert, it is possible to stay legally in Poland with a visa, visa-free regime and residence permit (residence card). Yaroslav Romanchuk informed the listeners about the legal ways to obtain a residence card, in particular through employment or training, indicated a list of documents granting the right to employment. In addition, the expert outlined the main ways to legalize employment in Poland, in particular: a statement of intent to entrust work to a foreigner, a work permit and a residence permit.

Andrii Romanchuk addressed the audience with cheap financial resources of the EU, in particular in Poland, as well as the peculiarities of taxation. Regarding corporate finance, the speaker noted that for IT in Poland there is a possibility to use the preferential taxation of income derived from the created or improved qualifying intellectual property rights. The expert did not overlook the taxation of the individual entrepreneur, the features of preferential taxation of income received from intellectual property rights (IP BOX). Describing the current areas of business and foreign start-ups of the greatest interest in Poland today, Andrii Romanchuk singled out the areas of gaming and bioteka. Besides, he emphasized that paying taxes and creating jobs are the main requirements of Poland for foreign residents intending to enter the Polish market. In addition to that, Andrii Romanchuk identified in detail the preferential systems for start-ups, favourable lending rates and opportunities for tax exemption for investors.