Anniversary X International Forum "Ukrainian Business Days in Poland" will be held in Warsaw

As a tradition, in spring, Warsaw opens its doors to Ukrainian business, becoming the venue of a meeting of representatives of state and local authorities and the business community of Ukraine and Poland annually. The X International Forum “Ukrainian Business Days in Poland”, which will be held on May 16, 2019 in Warsaw, will once […]


Part II: March 21, 2019, the second workshop "Transfer pricing: practical aspects" will take place

Series of practical seminars “Transfer pricing: theory on the examples” continues! So, we invite financial directors and chief accountants, managers and owners of companies that conduct controlled transactions, to attend the second workshop “Transfer pricing: theory on the examples.”

The beginning of the season: a seminar “Transfer pricing: a theory with examples” maded by the EUCON Law Group was held in Kiev

The year has just begun, and the new season of action from the EUCON Legal Group has already sped up! So, on January 24, at the Admiral Hall, within the framework of the seminar “Transfer pricing: theory on the examples”, our experts shared their experience in the field of transfer pricing practice with the participants […]


The practical workshop “Transfer pricing: an example theory” will be held on January 24, 2019

We invite financial directors and chief accountants, managers and owners of companies that conduct controlled transactions to attend “Transfer pricing: theory on the examples” workshop.


“50 leading Ukrainian law firms” 2018: EUCON has consistently been among the leaders of the Ukrainian legal market since 2010

The annual research of the market of legal services “50 leading law firms of Ukraine” (TOP 50) was launched this year, initiated and conducted by the newspaper “Yuridicheskaia praktika”. Thus, according to research results, EUCON Legal Group became one of the top five law firms specializing in tax law (litigation), taking second place, and Yaroslav […]

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With digital economy in law: First Tax Digital Forum was held in Kyiv with IFA support

This year’s autumn is rich in interesting and progressive events! So, on November 30, 2018, the International Forum for Taxation of IT and Telecommunication Companies in the Modern Conditions of the Digital Economy was held in Kyiv for the first time. First Tax Digital Forum is an international event that brings together representatives of government, […]

Лариса Врублевська

Topical issues of TP were discussed by round-table participants of the UBA

The autumn season of legal events ended with a round table “Topical issues of transfer pricing. SFS and taxpayers: confrontation or cooperation on controversial issues”, which took place on November 30, 2018. The organizer of the Event is the APA Committee on Tax and Customs Law. Particularly, Larysa Vrublevska was the round-table participant, an auditor, […]

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Participants in the LHS Discussion Hub spoke about the readiness of the Ukrainian business to BEPS rules

On November 26, 2018, the Discussion Hub “BEPS: Is Business ready?” was held within the School of Tax Practice of Legal High Scool. During the Event, participants focused on discussing foreign experience of implementing the BEPS rules, Ukraine’s implementation realities of the key commitments undertaken by Ukraine when joining BEPS, key innovations in the draft […]


TP, TP and again TP! Participants of the Kyiv Tax Forum discussed important issues in the sphere of transfer pricing

In the context of new reforms and transformation of the Ukrainian economic market, the topic of taxes is more relevant than ever, as it was highlighted by participants of the Kyiv Tax Forum, which took place on November 20 in Kyiv.


Participants of the Ukrainian Business Forum 2018 discussed the question “How to survive in times of changes?”

On November 19, a large-scale Event took place in Kyiv that gathered a wide audience of different business-interests– the Ukrainian Business Forum 2018: “How to survive in times of changes? Investments and Innovations for Business”.