To be or not to be: the issue of automatic tax information exchange was discussed by Intax Forum members

Intax Forum Ukraine 2019, one of the largest tax events took place in Kyiv on May 22.

The event has traditionally brought together top executives of business, Ukrainian banks, legal and audit companies, investment funds, asset management companies, developers, IT specialists, etc. in order to discuss current issues in the areas of corporate finance, private and corporate structuring, national and international taxation, investment and trade in goods and services.

Particularly, Yaroslav Romanchuk, a panelist of the EUCON Legal Group, became a participant in the panel discussion on the topic: “Half a year before the automatic exchange of tax information – check readiness”.

Thus, the expert and his colleagues discussed the prospects of launching in Ukraine the work of automatic exchange of tax information according to the CRS standard with the countries that have implemented the IAEA Convention, readiness issues and legislative aspects of the procedure.

Let’s recall that Intax Forum Ukraine since 2011 has been the largest and professional platform for communication of top managers of companies operating in global markets, and professionals who accompany international agreements and operations.