Bellum omnium contra omnes: land market issues were discussed by participants of the online event from the Business Club

And online again: the new format is gaining more supporters and becoming increasingly important.

At the initiative of the Business Club, another online event took place on July 24 – «Land Market! How to prepare? What needs to be done already? Leases, subleases. How to make reinforced concrete?», during the event experts discussed changes of land reform, which came into force on July 16, as well as future prospects. Anatolii Miroshnychenko, Attorney-at-law, Professor, Senior Partner, Head of Land and Agrarian Law practices, opened the event with his speech.

Within the theme «Land Market! How to prepare?» Anatolii Miroshnychenko made an excursion in preparation for the implementation of land reform, presenting the features and stages of opening the land market.

The expert told about when and how the land market will work, who will be able to buy land, how much and how, whether foreigners will be able to buy land and whether this issue will be put to a referendum, the issue of a moratorium today.

The speaker paid attention to important aspects of ways of acquiring ownership rights on agricultural land after lifting the moratorium, in particular highlighting the following: sale, gift, pledge, fiduciary property, inheritance agreement, lifetime maintenance agreement.

Anatolii Miroshnychenko did not miss the issue of the preemptive right to acquire land, concentration, financial support, anti/constitutionality of the referendum and sale of land to foreigners.

The speaker finished his speech with an analysis of high-profile lawsuits «Zelenchuk and Tsytsyura against Ukraine» dated 22.05.2018 and «Antonenko and Others against Ukraine» which are important in the context of lifting the moratorium on land sales.