“Europe of common values or Europe of common interests?”: How and what way was chosen on the XXVIII Economic Forum in Krynica

On September 4-6, 2018, XXVIII Economic Forum, the largest event in the field of economy, politics and business in Central and Eastern Europe took place in Krynytsya-Zdroj, Poland, which was attended by Yaroslav Romanchuk, the President of the Association of Ukrainian Businesses in Poland, EUCON Managing Partner Legal Group and Andrii Romanchuk, partner, head of the office in Warsaw EUCON Legal Group.

Thus, Mr. Yaroslav Romanchuk, together with other speakers during the panel discussion on “Trade and investment cooperation of the countries of the European Union with their eastern partners and neighbors – are there any mutual benefits?” discussed the issue of the gradual elimination of customs and other trade barriers between the EU and the new associated countries. The experts highlighted that there is already a noticeable increase in trade turnover and mutual investments. Speakers also discussed a range of issues related to the results of long-term cooperation and the volume of benefits for each of the parties. The panel discussion was attended by Ute Kochlovsky-Kajia, Director of the Eastern European Business Association of Germany (Germany), Irakli Lekvanadze, Business Ombudsman (Georgia), Oleksiy Rozhkov,  the Director of the Department for International Trade and Economic Cooperation and European Integration of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (Ukraine). Nataliia Nemilivska, the chairman of the Economic Committee of the World Congress of Ukrainians (Ukraine) became the moderator of the discussion.


The panel discussion “Involvement of students. Internationalization of students today and tomorrow” was held on the third day of the forum within the thematic block “Business and Management”, during which Andriy Romanchuk, together with his colleagues, addressed the issue of accelerating the internationalization of universities, the importance of the training offer and the opportunities of universities.

Speakers noted the need to take measures to optimize the process of effective competition of universities in the educational markets with the greatest potential, and also analyzed the results of leading countries in the field of education. Participants of the panel discussion were Irina Degtyareva, Vice-Rector for International Relations of the Institute of World (Russia), Farid Jafarov, Executive Director of the Youth Agency of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan), Lukash Vojdig, Director of the Polish National Accreditation Agency, (Poland). The moderator of the discussion was Karol Vasilevsky, the journalist of the publication “Wprost” Weekly” (Poland).

It is needed to recall that the Economic Forum in Krynica is an international meeting of the representatives of the economic and political elite of Central and Eastern Europe, which is held annually since 1992 in the city of Krynica-Zdroj in the first half of September. Today the Forum is considered to be the largest and most famous event where representatives of the politics and business world of Central and Eastern Europe meet. This year the forum in Krynica passes under the slogan “Europe of Common Values ​​or Europe of Common Interests?”. The event was attended by more than 4 thousand guests – presidents, heads of government, ministers, parliamentarians, experts, businessmen, cultural figures and media representatives from more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, including Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland, Stepan Kubiv, the first Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Beata Shidlo, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Valery Simeonov, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy of Bulgaria, Edgar Rinkevich, Latvian Foreign Minister, Stanislav Karchevsky, Polish Senate Chairman, Tibor Navraksiks, Commissioner for questions about Youth, Sport and Sport of the European Commission (Hungary), Virginius Sinkevičius, Minister of Economy of Lithuania and others.