Yaroslav Romanchuk  at the Ukrainian Forum of Shared Service Centers

On April 24, 2018, leading Ukrainian experts in shared service and outsourcing of business processes gathered at the Ukrainian Forum of Shared Service Centers, which was held in Lviv.

As part of the forum, business representatives, government officials from the regional and national levels, and leading SSC experts exchanged best practices and discussed opportunities and prospects of Lviv and the whole of Ukraine to become one of the key places selected for the location of Shared Service Centers and outsourcing of business processes.

The third session of the Event was devoted to the issue of the evolution of the SSC model at the world level. During the session participants not only told about the stages of evolution of the SSC model in the world, but also provided recommendations for the introduction of new trends and implementation of the best world practices in Ukraine.

Yaroslav Romanchuk, Managing Partner of EUCON International Legal Center, President of the Association of Ukrainian Business in Poland, was among the speakers of the third session.

Particularly, the speakers of the session came to the conclusion that in the next two years the value of SSC will increase due to the active development of business processes, data analytics, operational flexibility, talent management and human resource planning. According to the speakers, the role of the RPA is constantly increasing and provides a lion’s share to the development of SSC operations and this is exactly what is needed to pay attention to by companies-owners of SSC in Ukraine.