Participants of the Ukrainian Business Forum 2018 discussed the question “How to survive in times of changes?”

On November 19, a large-scale Event took place in Kyiv that gathered a wide audience of different business-interests– the Ukrainian Business Forum 2018: “How to survive in times of changes? Investments and Innovations for Business”.

The peculiarity of the Forum is that in one day the conference and exhibitions, discussions and performances take place simultaneously in two halls, and participants were more than 30 speakers from Ukraine and Europe. The experts of the EUCON Legal Group also joined this list, namely, Yaroslav Romanchuk, a lawyer, a managing partner, a tax practice leader and Larysa Vrublevska, an auditor, a partner and a transfer pricing practice manager.

Within the framework of the Event, Yaroslav Romanchuk told the audience about “The access to European markets and the promotion of Ukrainian goods to the EU countries through the creation of their own trading house in Poland”. The speaker noted that neighboring Poland is rich in financial resources and favorable conditions for investment. Thus, Poland has become the most successful beneficiary of EU funding in 2014-2020, having received over EUR 111 billion of business compensation for innovation and investment. Business, first of all, exporters, having registered a company in Poland, receives: the opportunity to be closer to its consumers; the opportunity to diversify the risks in Ukraine, currency, inflation and a number of others; the access to cheap leasing programs, government grants, financial resources and structural programs in Poland and the EU; the opportunity to have a transparent foreign company for corporate structuring of business and asset protection in Ukraine, etc. Mr. Romanchuk also noted that special economic zones (SEZs) were created for a specific category of entrepreneurs in Poland, where they could operate on concessional terms.


Larysa Vrublevska, speaking on the topic “The influence of transfer pricing rules on the efficiency of business structures functioning. The main tasks in the field of TP for companies operating in international markets”, told participants of the Business Forum about the main tasks for holding structures, introduced a scheme for the sale of goods within the group, noting that costs and profits appear only when cash flows cross the group borders. The speaker also explained the value chain, the structure of the analysis of intragroup operations, the classification of services for the purposes of the TP and named the consequences of the adaptation of TP rules within the group of companies.


The forum was also attended by: Nina Yuzhanina, Chairman of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Emal Bakhtari, Head of Projects and Programs of the Department of Open Markets of the National Bank of Ukraine, Grigol Katamadze, President of the Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine, Anatoliy Guley, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Interbank currency exchange and others.