EUCON defended interests of “Mikogen-Ukraine” in dispute with SFS authorities

EUCON’s lawyers defended the interests of the company Mikogen-Ukraine, a member of the group of companies “Greenyard”, in the Administrative Court of Appeal.

The case was based on the illegal conduct of a desk audit, according to which the taxpayer was charged with the value-added tax in the amount of UAH 2.1 million. The findings of the audit were based on the decision of the tax authority to exclude the taxpayer from the special taxation regime for VAT on agricultural activities, which was subsequently revoked as illegal by the court.

The case was reviewed by courts more than once, and on a new trial the court of cassation ordered to investigate the lawfulness of including transactions in the special declaration on VAT and to establish whether the transactions were duly documented, which was proved by the lawyers of EUCON in court.

The lawyers of the company accompanied the court dispute: Yaroslav Romanchuk, managing partner, and Vladimir Bevza, senior lawyer, deputy head of tax practice.