The European forum for new ideas once again brings together the flowering of European economics, politics and business to discuss the prospects of the European future

This year, the 8th European Forum for New Ideas (EFNI) in Sopot was held on September 26-28. Business representatives, executives and politicians, as well as prominent figures from the sphere of culture and science discussed the most important issues and challenges of business and society in the context of globalization processes at panel discussions, meetings, […]


Prospects for the development of the transport system of Ukraine became the topic of discussion of the 21st International Conference on Transport and Logistics in Odesa

On September 26-27, 2018, political leaders, state officials and business representatives discussed the Challenges and Prospects for the Development of the Transport System at the 21st International Transport and Logistics Conference in Odesa, which was held in accordance with the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) Plan. Yaroslav Romanchuk, the Managing Partner of the EUCON Law […]


A danger foreseen is half avoided: the latest news in the field of taxes to payers was told at a seminar of the TAU

On September 25, at the conference hall “Eleven room”, a seminar was organized by the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine, during which experienced experts, including Larysa Vrublevska, the expert of EUCON Law Group, told the audience about the preparation for a new reporting campaign, the actual issues of VAT, peculiarities of the application of the simplified […]

Rusak Customs Brunch Katowice 43

Good Brunch - Brilliant Ideas: At Rusov Customs Brunch breakfast in Katowice prospects for strengthening trade and economic relations between Ukraine and Poland were discussed

Close trade-economic, political, cultural and business relations between Ukraine and Poland do not cease to become objects of discussions of the business elite. Taking into account the realities of the present, it can be argued that the issue of cooperation between two close neighbors has not lost its relevance, but also requires new approaches and […]


Adapted or not adapted: “eternal” issues in the field of TP were discussed at the National Tax Forum

The practice of TP in Ukrainian law is gaining momentum in the process of its formation and is more relevant than ever. Such a dynamics of development leads to the emergence of various problems and the identification of deficiencies in the management system, so there is a need to find new legislative and alternative tools […]


IX International Forum «Polish Business Day in Ukraine»

On November 15, 2018, the IX International Forum «Polish Business Day in Ukraine» will be held in Kyiv, which will traditionally bring together representatives of state and local authorities, diplomatic institutions and business community on a regular basis to discuss issues of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation, to establish cooperation and business connections.


EUCON Experts became key speakers of a large-scale seminar on TP issues

EUCON Law Group Experts on Transfer Pricing became the key speakers of a large-scale seminar on “Transfer pricing: reporting, innovation, automatic exchange of tax information” organized by the General Directorate of the SFS in Kyiv on September 12, 2018.


"Europe of common values or Europe of common interests?": How and what way was chosen on the XXVIII Economic Forum in Krynica

On September 4-6, 2018, XXVIII Economic Forum, the largest event in the field of economy, politics and business in Central and Eastern Europe took place in Krynytsya-Zdroj, Poland, which was attended by Yaroslav Romanchuk, the President of the Association of Ukrainian Businesses in Poland, EUCON Managing Partner Legal Group and Andrii Romanchuk, partner, head of […]


In transfer pricing we trust, or adaptation to TP - the main discussion message with the participation of EUCON specialists

On September 4, 2018, within the School of Tax Practice “Legal High School”, the Discussion Hub “Global Trends in Transfer Pricing” was held. During the Event participants discussed the results of recent reporting campaigns in the branch of TP in Ukraine, national laws, current legislative initiatives, global trends in the branch of TP and unresolved […]