EUCON defended the interests of LINIK PJSC in a dispute with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

EUCON won in a 6-years dispute against the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (with its tax and customs departments) regarding appealing the decisions for a total of UAH 55 million based on the results of a planned inspection of LINIK PJSC, in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.

The dispute related to the use of technological waste during the oil refining process, that is closely connected with the features of the production process of finished oil products.

Courts of all instances agreed with the legal position of the taxpayer’s lawyers and forensic experts regarding the impossibility of taxing waste in the technological process of oil refining.

Lawyers of EUCON proved in court that there was a rough arithmetical error in determining tax liabilities amounting to more than UAH 55 million, since the inspection report does not contain calculations and conclusions on that amount.