IX International Forum «Polish Business Day in Ukraine»

On November 15, 2018, the IX International Forum «Polish Business Day in Ukraine» will be held in Kyiv, which will traditionally bring together representatives of state and local authorities, diplomatic institutions and business community on a regular basis to discuss issues of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation, to establish cooperation and business connections.

This year’s forum in Kiev will become a platform for discussion of a wide range of important and relevant topics, namely:

  • Changes in the dynamics of the development of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland in recent years: what prospects are opened for Ukrainian business;
  • Joint projects in the field of energy and energy saving;
  • Building roads and railways: will they bring Ukraine and Poland closer together?
  • Infrastructure and logistics in the context of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation;
  • Poland’s construction industry: what are the prospects for Ukrainian business players to enter the neighboring market;
  • What Polish investment projects will be of interest to Ukrainian business;
  • How to access economically and commercially profitable financial instruments for doing business in Poland;
  • Advantages of the tax system of the Republic of Poland;
  • What nuances need to be taken into account when leading a business in the EU and

The Event will traditionally take place under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine and with the support of the  Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of the Republic of Poland.



Venue: Hotel “Ukraine”, 4 Institutskaya str, Kyiv.

Entrepreneurs from Ukraine and Poland are expected among the guests of the forum, who are interested in business cooperation between two states, have ideas for implementing joint projects and need financial support to start their own start-ups.

The history of the International Forum dates from 2014 – since then the Event is held twice a year: in spring – in Warsaw (“Days of Ukrainian Business”) and in the autumn – in Kiev (“Days of Polish Business”). Each time the Forum gathers about 300 participants, including representatives of small, medium and large businesses of Ukraine and Poland. For most, participation in the forum is the first step in launching their own projects, particularly in Poland and other EU countries.

Therefore, if you are interested in finding business partners or investors for your project / start-up, you intend to enter the markets of Europe, but do not know where to start, our Event is for you!

Contact person in Poland –  Inha Livandovska, events@euconpl.eu,  тел.  +48 577 077 287;

Contact person in Ukraine – Olena Vakulik, events@eucon.ua, tel. +380 (44) 2380944.



Terms of participation

Number of participants from one company                                                                   Payment period
from  1 August to 1 September       from 2 to 15  September     from 16 to 30 September       from 1 to 15 October       from  16 to 31 October      from 1 to 14 November       15 November     
1 participant 1 200 UAH / 160 PLN 1 500 UAH / 200 PLN 1 800 UAH / 230 PLN 2 100 UAH / 270 PLN 2 400 UAH / 310 PLN 2 700 UAH / 350 PLN 3 200  UAH / 410 PLN
3 or more participants 1 000 UAH / 130 PLN 1 200 UAH / 160 PLN 1 400 UAH / 180 PLN 1 600 UAH / 210 PLN 1 800 UAH / 230 PLN 2 000 UAH / 260 PLN 3 200 UAH / 410 PLN











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