EUCON acted as a partner of Leadership in Law

On September 7, 8 and 9, 2017, Leadership in Law school of practical law held a second stage of the “Competitive Law Business Management” study programme in Kyiv, partnered with EUCON International Legal Center. Participants of the programme are managing partners and senior lawyers representing small and medium law businesses of Ukraine. Yaroslav Romanchuk, Managing Partner of EUCON International Law Center, was one of the lecturers at the first stage of the programme, which took place in Kyiv from May 18 to 21, 2017. The participants will also have to defend their theses (September 22, 2017).

The “Competitive Law Business Management” programme is based on solving practical cases for each component of the programme. The programme is divided into two stages: fundamental (strategic management, partnership management, effective legal practice developement, law firm finance, business development) and technological (management of legal and administrative projects, psychology, marketing and PR, personnel development and efficiency, technology and IT-infrastructure of law firms, SMM, digital marketing and graphics). Such division allows the programme participant to disassemble all the “genetics” of the internal organizational processes of the company and build their own management model. The long time interval between the educational stages will allow the participants to apply methods obtained during the learning process in treal life.

One group of listeners  was formed to study in both stages of the programme. To receive a diploma of completion of studies the students will have to prepare theses. Such work will allow them to prepare a plan of changes for their law firms and implement the gained knowledge in practice. In addition, listeners of the course will receive recommendations for their plans from leading practitioners. All these increases the usefulness of the knowledge gained, which is the most important.

Leadership in Law is an educational platform focused on the exchange of experience in building a law business system between leaders and those who are on the way to their leadership positions.