Yaroslav Romanchuk on promoting investment and trade through the prism of the Ukrainian Business Association in Poland activity

Yaroslav Romanchuk, Managing Partner of EUCON International Legal Center, President of the Ukrainian Businesses Association in Poland took part in the “ENTREPRENEURSHIP-INNOVATIVITY-REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT” conference, held on September 18, 2017 in Kyiv.

The conference was organized as part of the development assistance project for Ukraine entitled “Increasing the investment attractiveness of Ukraine and competitiveness of its regions”, supported by the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Poland.

In his report, Yaroslav Romanchuk presented the Ukrainian Businesses Association in Poland and noted that the Association not only unites Ukrainian investors doing business in Poland, but also supports its members during the implementation of projects, assists in establishing partnerships with the state and local authorities of Poland as well as with Polish and European companies, promotes Ukrainian business and interests of Ukrainian companies on the markets of Poland and the EU, provides legal protection of rights and interests of Ukrainian exporters, as well as information support.

Concluding his report, Yaroslav highlighted the advantages of Poland as one of the most attractive jurisdictions for organization and doing business. Among the benefits of Poland he named the following:  attractiveness of the labor market, favorable conditions for investment, strategic and developed business environment and modest tax rates compared to those in other EU countries. The Government Export Support Programme, implemented by the National Economy Bank (BGK), was mentioned as well.

The “Increasing the investment attractiveness of Ukraine and competitiveness of its regions” project was launched in order to support Ukraine in its establishment and development as a self-governing and democratic state. The project aims at improving the decentralization process and simultaneously increasing the efficiency of the central government, as well as supporting the economic development of Ukraine by promoting entrepreneurship and expanding bilateral economic cooperation.